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Workplace wellness

People are your business and their health and wellbeing are the foundation of performance in your workplace.

Legal Research and Writing

Contact me to arrange a discussion about how Lara Boyd Nutrition can slot into your existing benefits provision

Personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching provides an opportunity for you and your colleagues to kick start the process of education and engagement in health and wellbeing using a 21st century model of nutrition.

Guiding understanding and knowledge to help individuals achieve their own health and wellbeing goals. 

Empower your staff to take control of their own health and wellbeing goals

  • proactive in your approach to employee wellbeing 

  • partner with a qualified nutrition and lifestyle expert

  • support staff in stressful situations

  • optimise performance at work

  • maximise attendance

  • reduce absenteeism

  • reduce staff turnover

  • ongoing support and coaching which evolves alongside your goals

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