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Let's get started

     arrange a free 15 minute phone conversation to find out how personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching could help you make guided changes

  • Package of 3 one hour consultations includes coaching in between consultations £200.  Fee payable at time of first consultation

  • Gut Health Package £910

       2 key gastrointestinal function laboratory tests

       Vitamin D test

        test reports

        3 one hour consultations

        coaching in between consultations     

  • A full range of biochemical and functional laboratory tests are available, phlebotomy can also be arranged

Your story

On confirmation of your booking you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire to enable a review of your symptoms, health history, lifestyle and diet.  This should be returned in advance of your appointment for preliminary analysis of dietary and lifestyle factors which may be impacting on your health concerns.  This includes a review of any supplements you may be taking.  You should keep taking any medication prescribed by your doctor.  A personalised nutrition & lifestyle consultation is not a substitute for medical advice.


What to expect at your first consultation

  •  discuss the information you have provided in the health questionnaire and obtain an accurate health history - an accurate health history is key to personalised nutrition.  

  • discuss your concerns and goals

  • do you feel specific foods or lifestyle factors make your symptoms worse

  • identify and agree changes to your diet and/or lifestyle
    • discuss functional laboratory testing which may be appropriate

    • review your supplement regime  


Let's get started making changes

  • each client receives a detailed plan tailored to them

  • outlines the steps you have agreed you can take to start taking more responsibility for your own health and wellbeing

    • the impact of diet and lifestyle

    • nutrients which may be key to your goals and an example of how you can incorporate them into your daily diet

    • relevant information sheets to support education

    • if appropriate you will also receive supplement recommendations

    • recommendations for appropriate health tests


Coaching when you need it most

If you book a package of consultations you will be asked to email regular updates of your progress and encouraged to ask questions.  This allows me to offer personalised coaching when you need it most in any tricky areas of change.  My most successful clients keep in touch in between consultations via email.

Follow-up consultations

  • 4-6 week intervals

  • what changes have you made

  • set new goals

  • discuss test results

  • coaching when you need it most

  • move forward


Scientific testing can be undertaken to deliver a more targeted nutritional approach.  It can provide insight in to how well body systems are functioning, identify any microbial disturbance and highlight any pre-clinical nutrient deficiencies which might be addressed through your diet.  Lara recommends tests from laboratories with Clinical Pathology Accreditation.  


Lara is also qualified to prescribe food supplements which the client may choose to purchase with a 20% discount from a specialist third party retailer.  While supplementation may be useful it is not always appropriate for every client and Lara always seeks to address any underlying dysfunction through the diet and lifestyle in the first instance.  Lara Boyd Nutrition is not a food supplement supplier.

Discover how personalised nutrition can support your health and well being:

  • stress management

  • weight management

  • gut micro-organisms

  • food intolerance

  • diabetes

  • mood 

  • thyroid

  • urinary tract infection

  • insulin resistance

  • headache

  • IBS

  • digestive health

  • mental health

  • low energy