I work with people of all ages, in a variety of settings, who are ready to make guided changes to their daily diet and lifestyle, to achieve better health and wellbeing.  Many have pre-existing conditions.  If you're ready, click on the Consultations page to find out more.

What people say

"Lara is a very approachable lovely person who really knows her stuff.  She genuinely cares and is very thorough! The test results I had were very scientific but she was able to interpret them for me in a way in which made it easy for me to understand and make sense of what our next steps should be.  I would highly recommend her!"

Thea, Perthshire

"Having been diagnosed with both high cholesterol and pre-diabetes blood sugar levels, I asked Lara for a nutritional plan to bring both levels down without resorting to medication.  After following her advice for a few months I returned to the doctor for repeat blood tests.  I was delighted to discover that both my cholesterol and my blood sugar had returned to normal.  I am a very satisfied client!

Chris, Strathaven

"I was impressed to see that everything from personal and family history to my current lifestyle choices were taken into consideration. Lara was very thorough and attentive.  The personalised recommendations and supporting information were extensive and easy to follow and very helpful."

Hazel, Clydesdale

Lara is brilliant - there is no other word. I am 67 and had a history of bloating, wind and constipation. Over the years I have tried every laxative. I was seen twice by a consultant gastroenterologist with no positive outcome. It really affected the quality of my life. At her initial consultation Lara took a full history and she worked systematically through my symptoms, recommending changes to my diet and 1 or 2 supplements. We had five, face to face, sessions and email contact in between. I am now largely symptom free. I follow her recommendations but otherwise I eat everything. I feel much healthier and happier. I really enjoy food. I am so grateful to Lara for her rigorous approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Vicki, Edinburgh

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